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These videos will help you understand what the company is all about and how we can best serve you.

The why and my intentions.

Estimate? Watch this first.

Properly Equipped

More Than Capable

Up Close Look at Rigging


Our work


     I graduated from the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry with a B.S. in Forest Engineering (1998).  Responding to a life-long desire to serve in the military I made a radical decision and enlisted in the USMC as an Infantryman.  10 days after graduating college I found myself on the historic yellow footprints at Parris Island, SC.  After 15 years of active duty and being promoted to a desk I elected to take the Marine Corps up on a rare, but timely, opportunity to retire early as a Major in 2013.


     Jesus became real to me in 2008 and radically changed my heart.  This business is a culmination of the various passions he wove within me.  I love the outdoors, physical activity, problem-solving, physics, and serving the needs of others.  Outside of spending time with my wife and three children, there is no other thing I would rather be doing.  To work as a steward of God's magnificent creation is a privilege that brings me great joy.


     The Woodsman started out as a tree service business.  However, after attending an urban wood use conference in 2016 I caught the milling bug.  Soon after I invested in an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill and a very inexpensive, small, manual bandsaw mill.  The results were awesome, but the process was painfully slow.  With the size of the trees I was taking down and considering the sheer volume of wood I was dealing with I invested in the Timberking 2500.  

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