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The secondary focus of the business is making use of the tree service waste.  I can saw logs up to 36 inches on a bandsaw mill and can do up to 4 feet, 6 inches with an Alaskan sawmill.  I have a large inventory of live edge boards and dimensional boards catering to wood workers.  I am not a good source for dimensional lumber to be used for construction projects, nor do I sell fence boards.   

The Timberking 2500 is one of the largest portable bandsaw mills on the market.  It can handle up to a 36 inch log.  As long as we can fit the log on the mill we can cut any dimension you desire.


For those super large logs we have an Alaskan sawmill that can tackle up to a 4’ 6” log. 


We have one of the largest live edge inventories in the region.  We typically have plenty of quarter sawn oak and do sometimes carry surfaced dimensional lumber.  We cater to wood workers creating furniture products or other unique items.  We do not sell dimensional lumber for general construction projects or fence boards. 

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