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The primary focus of the business is tree service.  I only do tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, lot clearing and storm damage.  I do not chemically treat trees, install cabling, install lightning protection, nor do I offer tree risk assessments anymore.

Tree removal is the primary focus.  I have been climbing for over ten years.  Since I never bought a bucket truck until recently I have a tremendous amount of climbing experience and am one of the best production climbers in the region.  Other companies are routinely seeking my services to handle their most complex removals.  I have a very large chipper and skid steer that can handle the biggest of tasks.  Large removals and volume work are my forte. 

Tree pruning should be conducted without spikes.  This is termed free climbing.  Spikes unnecessarily wound the tree and make it more susceptible to infection and disease.  This is a great way to distinguish between the hacks and the professionals. 

We perform stump grinding with one of the best machines on the market.  The Rayco RG80 is a power house and can tackle any size stump.   It is nimble and has a very low impact on the ground.  If needed, the outer tires can be removed and it can fit through a 36 inch gate.  

If you need a lot cleared for a building site or have an older structure that has been over taken by vegetation we can definitely help.  We are properly equipped to make very short work of the task and set you up for success.

In the unfortunate event you fall victim to storm damage no one is better equipped to handle it quickly and safely.  We have plenty of experience with storm work and we will do everything we can to ensure no further damage is caused.  Services are available 24/7.

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